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United States Intelligence Responds to Alleged Alien UFO Shot Down

United States intelligence responds to a conspiracy regarding a mysterious object that was shot down, allegedly a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) belonging to extraterrestrial aliens.
Officials debunked the conspiracy by calling the object “harmless”.

“The intelligence community considers as the primary explanation that this could be a balloon related to commercial purposes in which case it is harmless,” said John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications at the US National Security Council.

Kirby believes the objects do not belong to the US. He also said there was no indication that the foreign object was connected to China’s spy balloon program, which recently came to the attention of the US after it was shot down early last month.

In line, Senator Mitt Romney R-Utah also said that the foreign object was harmless. According to him, such objects have been roaming the US skies for various purposes.

“There’s a lot of this kind of stuff that goes out in the air from time to time, some for commercial purposes, some government stuff, and maybe some things we don’t know about,” he said.

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, also strongly denied that the mysterious object was an alien UFO.

“There is no indication of alien or extraterrestrial activity with the recent shootings,” said Jeane-Pierre.

Previously, mysterious objects flying in the sky of the United States some time ago sparked speculation that these were alien UFOs.

The speculation arose after the Commander of the US North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), General Glen VanHerck, said that the object shot down by the F-16 NORAD jet pilot at the US-Canada border on Sunday (12/2) was in the shape of an octagon or octagon.

He also said the object was difficult to find because of its very small size. VanHerck also admitted that he would investigate the suspicion that the object was a UFO.

“I will ask the intelligence and counterintelligence groups to investigate. I will not rule out all (possibilities) yet,” said VanHerck.

The government has so far not been able to identify what it was or where it came from.

The investigation effort was called hampered by “moderately difficult conditions” and exacerbated by the geographical conditions of the object that fell in Lake Huron, a lake that is in the wilderness of the Yukon and frozen seas of Alaska.

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