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Own goal by Emiliano Martinez, the best goalkeeper at the 2022 World Cup

Last Saturday (18/2) could have been one of the dark days for the goalkeeper of the Argentine national team, Emiliano Martinez, who is also the goalkeeper of Aston Villa.
Having the status of a world champion goalkeeper after helping the Albiceleste win the 2022 World Cup, Martinez returned to strengthen Aston Villa.

Brilliant performances in Qatar did not continue in the Premier League. Of the six matches defending The Villans after the 2022 World Cup, Martinez almost always conceded. A clean sheet record was only recorded when Villa won 1-0 over Southampton. The rest of Martinez’s goal can always be broken by opponents

Even in the last three matches Villa always lost and Martinez conceded more than two goals. After a clean sheet against Southampton, Martinez conceded four times against Leicester, three times against Manchester City, and was last conceded four times by Arsenal players.

In the match against the Gunners, Martinez suffered an unfortunate fate. Has fallen down the stairs. When the score was 2-2 and the game entered injury time, a Jorginho kick made the ball hit the bar. The round skin then bounced off Martinez’s head and the own goal was recorded in the name of the former Arsenal goalkeeper.

Furthermore, when trying to make amends by trying to assist attacks in corner kick situations, Martinez actually made a blunder.

Villa’s corner kick was saved by the Arsenal players and the team from North London easily broke into the host’s goal which was empty, and left by Martinez.

Profit cannot be achieved, misfortune cannot be denied. Martinez was also criticized by coach Unai Emery who was absurdly annoyed at seeing the heroic but failed action of the 30-year-old goalkeeper.

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