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Honda Has Not Shown Significant Development, Marc Marquez: I Still Believe

Repsol Honda racer, Marc Marquez continues to put more faith in his team, even though currently the Japanese manufacturer has not shown significant progress. For him, Honda’s development so far is still in process, which cannot be seen in just a moment.

“Of course, not everything changes overnight, it is a process. There are also structural changes at HRC (Honda Racing Corporation),” said Marc Marquez, quoted from Speedweek, Friday (17/2/2023).
“First you have to make changes to then reap the rewards in the long term. But there is a reaction, there is a change,” he added.

Go News : World News and information

The Baby Alien – the nickname of Marc Marquez – clearly expects a real change from the motorbike he is riding. Because, in the last season, Honda has piled up homework.

As a result, Honda drove slower than the other contestants. Not wanting to repeat that, Marc Marquez has given full confidence regarding Honda’s development in MotoGP 2023.

Now the question is, has Honda started to improve? For Marc Marquez, Honda is enough to show real progress.

“I believe in Honda. Are there baby steps? Yes! Are we still far? Yes, but we are much closer than four months ago.”

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