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Fabio Quartararo Drops Out of the Top 10 in the 2023 MotoGP Pre-season Test

Yamaha Monster Energy racer, Fabio Quartararo regrets the results of the third day of the 2023 MotoGP pre-season test at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, Sunday 12 February 2023. This is because Fabio Quartararo was knocked out of the top 10 and only ranked 19th in the pre-season test.

According to him, the bad result was the impact of the tire change made by his team. He did not expect that the trial of new tires would actually bring him to face yesterday’s nightmare.

“We have a lot of things to try. Once again I’m quite happy because this is what we asked for, to test a lot of parts, “he said as quoted from Crash, Monday (13/2/2023).

“Then we put new tires on, and it was a nightmare. So we have to find out why with the new tires we are so bad and can’t make us go forward.”

Over the previous two days, Fabio Quartararo showed good improvement. Unfortunately, on the third day, he actually sagged far.

To note, on the first day, Fabio Quartararo was ranked 11th. Then on the second day, Fabio Quartararo finished fourth.

In those two days, Fabio Quartararo was satisfied with the performance of his motorbike especially when it managed to reach a top speed of 335.4 km/hour, slightly better than the first day (334.3 km/hour).

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But all that changed on the last day. His position dropped to rank 19th. He said, a significant decrease actually occurred when changing new tires.

Even so, he did not want to drag on in failure. The French racer will look for a solution during the final 2023 MotoGP test at the Algarve Circuit, Portimao, Portugal on March 11-12.

“Last year in qualifying here we also found it difficult, but that’s not why we are one second behind and it doesn’t look good, so hopefully in Portimao we find a solution.”

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